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Ward Stein, President, GTU

“From my standpoint, Professional Safety Consulting is the best in the business.”

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Rick Sforzo, VP Transportation Div., Maxum

“PSC has exceeded our expectations...”

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Bob Crescenzo, VP, Lancer

“Professional Safety Consulting is the one company that we trust to assist us by conducting safety and loss control audits.”

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Al Birch, Harco

“The foundation of [our] relationship is based primarily on three building blocks - Trust, Integrity, Professionalism.”

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Bruce Hooker, LC Manager, Mattei

“Professional Safety Consulting seems to always go the extra mile to make sure that things are done right.”

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Professional Safety Consulting PO Box 369
Kimberling City, MO 65686

Toll-free: (800) 659-3025
Phone: (402) 474-3323

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Announcing our NEW! PSC Insider's Circle Membership Programs


Here at PSC we are dedicated to giving our customers our best service and advice. Over the years, our customers have asked us to create custom coaching and training programs specifically for the needs of the transportation industry. In fact, the number one complaint we hear is that none of the training and coaching programs on the market are really useful for the transportation business.

Now, due to ever-increasing demand, we've created new coaching and membership programs especially for transportation businesses. Programs that can bring your businesses to the next level. You and your business will get access to a range of training programs and access to the latest news and information affecting the transportation world.

Our long time customers refer to PSC as the nations #1 most recognized and trusted Risk Management and Transportation Consulting Firm. We gathered together our own experts and in-the field specialists to create our unique training and coaching programs especially for the transportation industry. We are literally loading new and valuable information daily.

So, you ask, who are these "membership packages" for and what can one expect to get out of them?

There's a lot of "noise" out there today. A lot of long time vendors selling vintage tapes, DVDs, newsletters, etc. for astronomical prices, for information that can be derived for FREE; because it's repetitive and outdated. Whether you're a small or large business, agent, broker, Underwriter or have any interest in the transportation field, we have a program that delivers value for you, your employees and your clients.

It's different. It's uncut. It's unplugged. It's REAL. Real information from real people that know the business.
Most businesses make an investment in education and training, but few see a return on this investment. The truth is, few businesses take the action to implement what they've learned.

But we're committed to your success and we'll give you the tools and information you need to implement everything you learn. In today's economic environment, speed and action are critical to progressing business and bottom line profits.


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